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How did monkeypox emerge in the US when the first diagnosed patient hadn’t left the country?

When a local man arrived at the Boston emergency department on May 12 with an unusual combination of symptoms, doctors scratched their heads for days.

Key points:
Doctors were surprised when monkeypox appeared in the US without contact with Africa
The monkey is in the news because it spreads in an unusual way

More than 780 people in 27 countries where the disease has not been diagnosed have been diagnosed with monkeys.
It looked like monotheypox, a virus that causes symptoms including fever, muscle aches, and red rash.

But the man had not traveled anywhere in the world where the monkey was.

“The patient … had no history of visiting African places where monkeys had ever been, or encountered animals,” Paul Biddinger, director of the Center for Disaster Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, told the ABC News Daily podcast.

“And at that time there was no record that people found out they had monkeypox that they did not have that information.”

Four days later, reports emerged of patients with monkeypox in England who had also not traveled to African areas where the disease had spread.

“We said, ‘Gosh, it has never happened in the United States before,” said Dr. Biddinger.

“It’s probably never happened in the world before, without the latest reports from England, but we really have to follow it.”
A Boston clinic team has moved a patient to a specialized hospital unit built after the 2014 Ebola outbreak to care for patients with emerging infectious diseases.

Within days, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed that it was the first case of monopoly in the United States.

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