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How worried should we be? How does monkeypox compare to coronavirus?

Experts emphasize that the monkey is different from the coronavirus that has infected millions.

Monkeypox is highly visible, making it easy to track and differentiate. A smallpox vaccine can help protect the community if needed, says Katzourakis. And “we do not have the power to say that something is spreading around the world at anything like the covid we have seen,” he said, because monkeys spread easily among humans.

However, the latest number of cases is rising, Katzourakis said. The longer it lasts, the greater the chance that the virus will mutate and improve its infection.

“It could be a lot of misfortune or something strange happening here,” Katzourakis said.

Monkeypox outbreaks are usually small, single-digit cases, said Inglesby, of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. “So I think the risk to society as a whole right now, from the information we have, is very low.”

But he acknowledged that recent cases have raised serious questions. “We still have no idea what is going on. … No travel link has been identified for these cases, ”he said.

Monkeypox is known to spread through human contact with animals such as mice or foxes, but the virus has become more widespread this year through human-to-human transmission than previously reported.

Health officials have noted recent cases between men who have sex with men – an important pattern to understand, Inglesby said, as officials had never considered sex to be harmful to monkeypox. The danger to the community remains low, officials said.

The WHO is formulating a new direction and the view that the spread seems to be fueled by sexual contact, David Heymann, chairman of the Pandemic and Epidemic Potential Risk Advisory Agency, told Reuters in May.

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