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A rare disease called monkey, a small cousin of smallpox, is spreading worldwide. More than 250 cases have been reported in at least 16 countries, according to the World Health Organization. Experts say that we are still being exposed to close and long-term contact with an infected person.
Countries reporting monkeys are now less likely to develop monkeys, “said Rosamund Lewis, head of the secretary general’s office for smallpox, the WHO Emergency program, on Tuesday at a United Nations press conference in Geneva.
Monkeypox is endemic to tropical rain forests in central and western Africa, but is still most visible near urban areas, according to WHO.
“This is an emerging disease. It’s been 20 to 30 years since it came out, (so) it’s not known, it’s very well described,” Lewis told reporters. “Therefore, the risk to the general public appears to be low, as we know that the main mechanisms of transmission have been described in the past.”
In the United States, the first case of monopoly in 2022 was found in a patient hospitalized in Massachusetts who had recently traveled to Canada on private transportation. By 2021, two people traveling from Nigeria to the US were diagnosed with the disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Cases in other parts of the world than in Africa are often linked to immigration or poaching, according to the CDC.
Several monopoly cases reported in the UK were among people who could not walk or communicate with other people, but there is no reason to panic, said US surgeon Dr. Vivek Murthy on Thursday on CNN’s “New Day”.
“Right now, we don’t want people to worry,” Murthy said. “These numbers are still small; we want (people) to know (i) the symptoms, and if there are any concerns they should reach out to their doctor.”

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